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Faucets Instructions Questions & Answers

How to Find Pegasus Faucet Parts

How to Find Glacier Bay Toilet Parts

How to Find Glacier Bay Faucet Parts

How to find Kohler Faucet Parts

How to Stop a Kitchen Faucet Sprayer From Humming, Squealing, Vibrating, or Pulsing

Which side of the Glacier Bay kitchen faucet does the blue (cold) ceramic disc cartridge stem go on?

Which side of the kitchen faucet does the red (hot) ceramic disc cartridge stem go on?

What size is the Plastic Acrylic Glacier Bay handle adapter screw?

What size is the handle setscrew on a Glacier Bay kitchen faucet with metal lever handles?

How do you remove the Glacier Bay setscrew cover button?

Where is the Screw That Holds the Glacier Bay Faucet Handle?

Who makes Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucets?

What size wrench do I use to remove a metal Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet Lever Handle?

Can I use silicone sealant under my Glacier Bay kitchen faucet instead of plumber’s putty?

I cannot reach the mounting lock nuts under my Glacier Bay kitchen faucet, how do I get them off?

Can I Use Any Faucet Stem to Repair My Kitchen, Bath, or Tub and Shower Faucet?

Do they make a universal faucet repair kit? 

How do I shut the water off to my faucet?

What does ASME stand for?

What does NPT stand for?

Can I use an old faucet on a new sink?

Is my faucet ruined, the finish is flaking off?

My Kitchen Faucet is Loose, How Do I Tighten It?

Why does my faucet/ toilet/ dishwasher/ washing machine vibrate all the pipes in my house when I turn it on?

What is a Basin Wrench: How do I use a Sink Wrench?

How to Operate a Basin Wrench Safely

Removing Faucet Mounting Nut(s) with a Basin Wrench

Using a Basin Wrench to Install Sink Faucet Mounting Nuts

What faucet parts do I need to fix my faucet? 

How do I find the parts to fit my faucet?

I cannot find the name of my faucet, how can I get repair parts?

How to Find a Faucet Parts Repair Center in Your City

Why can’t I just use any faucet parts?

What is a throw away faucet?

Is my faucet broken, it makes a vibrating, squealing, screaming, whistling noise when I turn it on?

I repaired my faucet, but I still hear banging in my pipes.

What else could cause noises in my plumbing pipes?

Why is my faucet dripping?

If I replace the aerator, will my faucet stop dripping?

I replaced my faucet’s handles but it still leaks. 

Where is my faucet stem located? 

How do I remove my faucet’s stem?

What seals do I need replace in my faucet?

How do I fix a leaking kitchen-sink faucet spout? 

Where is the faucet cartridge located in my faucet?

Why is my kitchen faucet leaking?

Why is my bathroom faucet dripping? 

Why is my kitchen faucet dripping?

Why is my tub faucet leaking?

Why is my bathtub faucet dripping?

My faucet will not shut off, what do I do?

My bathroom faucet will not stop running, what should I do?

How do I replace my faucets stem?

My outside water faucet will not shut off, what do I do?

My water pipe broke and my house is FLOODING!

How to I prepare for a plumbing emergency?

Things you can do personally to be prepared in a plumbing emergency.

How do I shut the water off to my bathroom faucet?

How do I shut the water off to my kitchen sink faucet?

How do I shut off an angle stop valve?

What is a ceramic disc cartridge?

My Kitchen Faucet Spout is Difficult to Turn

My Kitchen Faucet’s Sprayer Quit Working

Water is Coming from My Kitchen Faucet Spout and Kitchen Faucet Sprayer at the Same Time

My kitchen faucet’s side sprayer fell off the sprayer hose

How do I change a ceramic disc cartridge?

Is one faucet better than another is?

Are ceramic disc faucet cartridges better?

Can I take my faucet back to the store and get a new one? 

My faucet is still under warranty but I lost the paper work, what can I do?

How can I find out if my faucet is still under warranty?

Can I use a kitchen faucet in the bathroom?

Do I have to use the sprayer that came with my kitchen faucet?

Do they make a lavatory sink faucet with a pullout sprayer?

My faucet vibrates when I turn it on, how do I fix it?

My faucet sings when I turn it on, how do I fix it?

What would be the reason for only some of our faucets to hum/sing when faucet is just turned on?

Why do we have low water pressure in some faucets after installation of new water heater?

Can I use a top mounted faucet with granite counter tops and under mount sink?

How do I install a kitchen faucet on a thick countertop?

Why is Water coming from my Showerhead and Tub Spout at the Same Time?

Plumbing Q&A

Is My Water Pressure Too High?

How to Set The Temperature on an Electric Water Heater with Dual Elements

How to use a Garbage Disposal Properly and Avoid Clogging your Kitchen Sink Drain

How to Plumbing Tips on taking a longer shower without running out of Hot Water

How to Protect Your Plumbing from Frostbite

How to Maintain Energy Efficient Plumbing

How to Shop for a New Kitchen Faucet or Bathroom Faucet Aerator

How to Find Emergency Help When a Plumbing Water Pipe Breaks

How to Install a Shower Door 

How do I know if my toilet flapper is worn-out ?

How can I repair my toilet flapper ?

How often should I replace my toilet flapper ?

How can I save water with my currant toilet ?

I replaced my toilet flapper but it still leaks ?

There is water dripping from my toilet tank ?

My toilet is stopped up, what can I do ?

How do I use a Toilet Plunger ?

How do I remove an aerator from a faucet ?

How do I use a Garbage Disposal Properly ?

How to Shop for a New Toilet Flapper

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